Monthly Meeting Review

October 4, 2017

The meeting was opened with a prayer and pledge by Lodge Chaplain Scotty Davis. Members enjoyed dinner from Giovanni's Restaurant prior to our meeting. Our next regular scheduled Lodge meeting is Wednesday, November 1st at 5:00 pm. All members are encouraged to join us prior to the meeting (1630 hrs) for dinner. Brother George Gantt won the $50 attendance award.

Lodge Business

Sixteen new members were accepted into the lodge.

Chaplain Scotty Davis invited all members to the next "Cop Church" "Stress for Cops" meeting on October 19th at 1900 hrs. at the lodge. The program focuses on "Stress" within the job. Full information can be found at https://missionteaminc.com

President Gaynor reviewed several issues with Cobb PD and reviewed some of th meetings he attended.

VP Jon Byrum advised their were no legal requests for the month. In addition he discussed the need for all active members to join the FOP Legal Defense Plan for complete legal coverage. Reviewed the annual lodge trip to Florida and advised all had a great time.

Secretary Stephens advised new members continue to join the lodge at a high rate each month. Reviewed the lodge potentially dropping the legal coverage that is part of our yearly dues. We strongly encourage all active officers to join the FOP Legal Defense Fund (www.foplegal.com) which can provide unlimited legal services for criminal, civil and administrative defense.

State Trustee John Thompson provided a report on the recent lodge inspection for fire violations and provided an overview of the recent Florida trip to Panama City.

Treasurer Kelly provided the members a review of our current finances. All is well and in good order. The Lodge and Charities Inc continue to be in good financial condition. Copies are available at all lodge meetings.

All active Law Enforcement Officers in the State of Georgia, regardless of your affiliation with the lodge should join the Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund. This very low cost fund provides another piece to the puzzle of our officers overall retirement picture. Current cost is only $20 per month.

Membership Information

Dues are $78 for active officers and $35 for retired officers. The definition between active and retired officers is if you are still carrying a gun and performing law enforcement duties then you are considered an active officer.

Legal Representation

Legal representation is one of our core benefits to members. It provides legal protection with our Lodge Attorney's for members involved in Critical Incidents or Administrative Actions. As such the following eligibility guidelines are set:

  1. Critical Incidents – member in good standing at time of incident is immediately eligible for representation.
  2. Administrative Action – member in good standing 60 days prior to the incident or action is eligible for representation.

Limits are $2,500 for critical incidents and $1,000 for administrative issues.

The 60 day waiting period for new members starts when the member is voted into the lodge at the monthly meeting.

Death Benefit/Beneficiary

All active members are requested to update their personal information and beneficiary information on an annual basis on our application form. The application form must be mailed to the Lodge Secretary. This can only be done on a paper application form and mailed to the lodge secretary. This record allows benefits to be paid in a timely manner.

Lifetime Membership

All members wishing to apply for a Life Membership (retired & a member 20+ years) must request it in writing. Please contact the Lodge Secretary if you need your join date.

Lodge Rentals

The lodge is for the exclusive use of our members and only available for rental by them. Please conact President Gaynor for cost if you wish to reserve the lodge.

Committee Reports:

Legal Committee:

No requests received.

Members are strongly encouraged to review the FOP Legal Defense Fund on the National Site for legal coverage above and beyond what Lodge 13 provides to each member as part of yearly dues. FOP Legal Defense Fund



Annual Florida Trip

All had a great time at the recent annual trip to Panama City.

Holiday Food Bags

Details to be announced soon about the Thanksgiving & Christmas deliveries.

Cookies with Santa

Scheduled for Sunday December 10th starting at 1pm. Details will be announced soon.

Cops & Kids Shopping Event

Scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th starting at 7:30am. Details will be announced soon.


A donation of $1,000 was received from the Target Corporation for our annual Cops & Kids Shopping Event

Sick & Distressed

Please remember each of these members and their families in your thoughts and prayers:

Brother Rolla Green with continuing significant health issues
Kathy Richardson, mother of two lodge members battling cancer
Brother Cecil Cahela battling cancer
Brother Gerald Peal battling cancer
Brother Gregory Gilstrap's wife Janie battling cancer
Brother Kevin Shrodes wife Kathy battling cancer and recent hospital stay.
Brother Tom Spruill's wife Karon battling medical issues
Family of Polk Co. PD Detective Kristen Hearne killed in the line of duty

We are asking for special prayers for Cobb 911 Operator Amanda Raines who is dealing with significant medical issues.

Legal Representation

Critical Incident Lodge Attorney - Click Here for details

Members “do not” need the approval of the legal committee if you are involved in a critical / use of force incident. The member or his representative holds sole responsibility for contacting one of our four attorney's should the need arise.

If you are in need of an attorney for any other purpose a member of the Legal Committee must be called before contacting an attorney. If you do not clear the contact of an attorney through the Legal Committee the Lodge will not pay for the legal services.

Legal Committee Point of Contact: Jon Byrum – 404-787- 1093