Monthly Meeting Review

January 7, 2015

The meeting was opened by Brother Stone with a prayer and the pledge. Our next regular scheduled Lodge meeting is Wednesday, February 4th at 5:00 pm. Members enjoyed a BBQ Dinner during the meeting.

Lodge Business

Five new members were voted into the Lodge.

Sister Ash was presented with the 2014 Member of the Year Award for all of her hard working. Sister Ash as the treasurer is responsible for all of the financial resources of the lodge and works countless hours to make sure all is in order.

A financial report was distributed by Sister Ash. We are in very good financial condition. Copies are available at all lodge meetings.

For many years our lodge has distributed Christmas Food Bags to those in need. This year the bags have been distributed between Cobb, Cherokee, Douglas and Paulding County. Food Baskets were delivered to the following schools:

  1. Cherokee County - Little River Elementary, Arnold Mill Elementary, Johnston Elementary, Woodstock Elementary and Bascomb Carmel.
  2. Cobb County - Fair Oaks Elementary, Burney Elementary, Compton Elementary, Riverside Elementary and Bryant Elementary.
  3. Paulding County - Hiram Elementary, Dallas Elementary, Baggett Elementary, Nebo Elementary and Dugan Elementary.
  4. Douglas County - Winn Elementary, Lithia Springs Elementary, Beulah Elementary, Eastside Elementary and North Douglas Elementary.

Many thanks to all who helped package and deliver these items during the Christmas Season. This year Lodge 13 spent $2,500 for this event with a total of 140 food bags being distributed.

What has been described as a no brainer all officers, regardless of your affiliation with the lodge should join the Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund. This very low cost fund provides another piece to the puzzle of our officers overall retirement picture. Current cost is only $20 per month.

Membership Information

Dues to join the lodge for new members are $78 for active officers and $25 for retired officers.

2015 dues are now payable by all current members. Cost is $78 for active officers and $25 for retired officers. The definition between active and retired officers is if you are still carrying a gun and performing law enforcement duties then you are considered an active officer

Legal representation is one of our core benefits to members. It provides legal protection with our Lodge Attorney's for members involved in Critical Incidents or Administrative Actions. As such the following eligibility guidelines were set as of March 6, 2013:

  1. Critical Incidents – member in good standing at time of incident is immediately eligible for representation.
  2. Administrative Action – member in good standing 60 days prior to the incident or action is eligible for representation.

The 60 day waiting period for new members starts when the member is voted into the lodge at the monthly meeting.

Members are requested to update their personal information either online or on our application form. The application form must be mailed to the Lodge Secretary. Both are at the membership link on the left side of this page.

Members are also requested to update their beneficiary information on an annual basis. This can only be done on a paper application form and mailed to the lodge secretary. This record allows benefits to be paid in a timely manner.

In the future all members wishing to apply for a Life Membership (retired & a member 20+ years) must request it in writing. All members who wish to know how long they have been a member can go to the national website at www.fop.net. You can go to the “Members Only” area and apply for access. Once approved you should find a link to your membership information, including the ability to change your address information.

Lodge Rentals

The lodge recently revised the "Use of the Lodge" fee schedule. Generally the cost is Members $250 per event and $500 for Non Members. There are exceptions for current members. Please conact President Mull or VP Bob Pierce for cost if you wish to reserve the lodge.

Check “Upcoming Events” on the Lodge website for information on events.

Committee Reports:

Legal Committee:


Members are strongly encouraged to review the FOP Legal Defense Fund on the National Site for legal coverage above and beyond what Lodge 13 provides to each member as part of yearly dues. FOP Legal Defense Fund

By Laws




Cookies w/Santa

The Cookies w/Santa Event on Sunday, December 14th was a well attended event. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this a special event for the children.

Cops and Kids Shopping Event

Once again we had an outstanding Cops and Kids Shopping Event on December 17th at the Target Store on the East/West Connector. Every agency within Cobb County was represented at the event. There is not enough space to thank all who helped. Because of the volunteer efforts, children who would not have had a Christmas this year was treated to a morning of shopping with officers.

This year we served 165 kids at Target, 34 kids from the Calvary Children's Home and 54 kids between our Lodge Toy Store and another shopping program handled by Brother Mike Bowman called Cops Curing Kids Cancer. A total of 253 children were serve this year via our Cops and Kids Program.

A special thanks to the Target Store for hosting the event and Starbucks Paces Ferry Rd. near I-285 for all of the donated special treats. Finally, you realize how successful your event has been when parents of children who have been served in the past show up to help with the event.

Our toy store served approximately 39 kids for Christmas. Target donated approximately $5,000 worth of toys and Brookstone Country Club donated approximately $7,000 worth of toys.

A total of $39,557 was spent by the lodge on this event.


The lodge received a grant of $10,000 from the Cobb EMC Foundation and $2,500 from the Cobb County Friendship Fund.

We also want to thank all of those who sent in small donations. They are just as important as the large donations. Many kids will had a Merry Christmas because of the support we receive in the community for our program.

Members voted to donate $300 towards Brother Arnaldo Vega's mission trip to Mexico to serve children in extremely poor regions of the country.

Sick & Distressed

Please remember each of these members in your thoughts and prayers:

Brother Rolla Green with continuing significant health issues.
Brother Jason Poole and his fight with cancer.
Brother Gil Rusturreci currently in the hospital.
Brother Scotty Davis father who passed away.
Brother Eddie Herman's mother passed away.

Legal Representation

Critical Incident Lodge Attorney - Click Here for details

Members “do not” need the approval of the legal committee if you are involved in a critical / use of force incident. The member or his representative holds sole responsibility for contacting one of our four attorney's should the need arise.

If you are in need of an attorney for any other purpose a member of the Legal Committee must be called before contacting an attorney. If you do not clear the contact of an attorney through the Legal Committee the Lodge will not pay for the legal services.

Legal Committee:

Bob Pierce – bob.pierce @ cobbcounty.org or 678-467-4387
Bill Mull – billy.mull@gmail.com or 770-361-1239