Monthly Meeting Review

April 3, 2019

The meeting was opened with a prayer and pledge by Brother Stan Melton. Members enjoyed a hamburger and hotdog dinner provided by lodge members. Our next regular scheduled Lodge meeting is Wednesday, May 1st at 5:00 pm. All members are encouraged to join us prior to the meeting (1630 hrs) for dinner. Brother Donnie Ethridge won the $50 attendance award

Lodge Business

Nineteen new members were voted into the Lodge.

Our guest speaker was Cobb County Commissioner Kelli Gambrill. She spoke about her priorities and addressed issues which members of the lodge have been bringing up at various town hall and the commissioners regular meetings. Ms. Gabrill fielded questions from the members present for almost 1 1/2 hrs. We appreciate Ms. Grambrill's willingness to speak frankly and handle questions from our members.

President Gaynor discussed the recent events at the Cobb Commissioner Meetings and various town hall meetings. His presentations are on our Facebook page for members to review. We appreciate all who have joined him at the meetings to address issues facing Cobb County Public Safety. He has attended 18 events since February to address the retention and pay issues. He is requesting we have a huge showing at the April 23rd @ 1830 hrs & May 28th @ 1830 hrs Commissioners Meeting to continue the pressure on the commissioners to solve the current Public Safety issues.

2nd VP Jon Byrum - addressed the need for all members to have the Legal Defense Plan.

Lodge Attorney Lance LoRusso - we had one Critical Incident and the officer was a member of the Legal Defense Plan.

Secretary Stephens - payment of membership dues are flowing in. The deadline to pay 2019 dues is April 11th. After that date non paid members will be inactivated from our roster and subject to a $32 penalty for a total of $110 (active) and $67 (retired) to be reinstated.

Secretary Stephens reviewed our current membership status. We are fast approaching the 800 membership mark and if current trends continue we could be approaching the 900 membership mark by the end of this year. With the secretary position being a volunteer position and the time needed to handle and process membership items increasing, he has requested the hiring of a part-time Membership Coordinator to handle all aspects of new members, current members dues payment and distribtuion of post cards & membership cards. After discussion members voted unanimously to hire a part-time position. Specifics of the position will be documented in the meeting minutes.

Treasurer Kelly provided the members a review of our current finances. Both the Lodge and Charities Inc are in good financial condition. Copies are available at all lodge meetings.

Sgt at Arms Kevin Shrodes advised postcards for the Officer Memorial on May 9th are ready to go.

State Trustee John Thompson is working on a Ford Mustang car show in July. Help will be needed as soon as details are determined.

All active Law Enforcement Officers in the State of Georgia, regardless of your affiliation with the lodge should join the Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund. This very low cost fund provides another piece to the puzzle of our officers overall retirement picture. Current cost is only $20 per month.

New Business

Nominations for the new E-Board will be Monday, September 4th with the vote being finalized by Monday, October 4th. Members wishing to run must have attended at lease six meetings during the year to become eligible.

Membership Information

Yearly dues for our members in 2019 will continue to be $78 for active members and $35 for retired members. On April 11th a $32 penalty will be added to the cost for all who have not paid their 2019 dues.

Legal Representation

All members are strongly encouraged to join the FOP Legal Defense Plan. For $68 a year (in addition to your dues) the member will be enrolled in UNLIMITED legal coverage for any criminal (includes Critical Incidents) or civil action taken against the member. For $310 a year the member will be enrolled in UNLIMITED legal coverage for any criminal (includes Critical Incidents), civil or administrative actions taken against the member. Many other benefits are provided when full coverage is purchased. Payment can be made either annually or semi-annually. Because of the number of members in our lodge these plans are only available at the individual rate. Sign up and payment to this plan is the sole responsibility of the member. You can review full information on coverage at:


To sign up for either of these plans please go to www.foplegal.com or call 1-800-341-6038. This plan is administered by Hylant.

Death Benefit/Beneficiary

All active members are requested to update their personal information and beneficiary information on an annual basis on our application form. The application form must be mailed to the Lodge Secretary. This can only be done on a paper application form and mailed to the lodge secretary. This record allows benefits to be paid in a timely manner.

Lifetime Membership

All members wishing to apply for a Life Membership (retired & a member 20+ years) must request it in writing. Please contact the Lodge Secretary if you need your join date.

Lodge Rentals

The lodge is for the exclusive use of our members and only available for rental by them. Please conact President Gaynor for cost if you wish to reserve the lodge.

Committee Reports:



Cobb Law Enforcement Memorial

Scheduled for Thursday, May 9th 7pm on the Square in Marietta. Governor Brian Kemp is scheduled to be our featured speaker. GBI Director Vic Reynold will do the introductions and lead the invocation. If it rains we will be in the Strand Theatre.

National FOP Conference

Will be held in New Orleans from August 11-15, 2019. Brother Ken Kelly, Kevin Shrodes, Carl Dimare, Lance LoRusso, Bob Pierce, Mike Brice, Steve Gaynor and David Stone will be our delegates for the National Conference.


$500 was donated to the annual Blue Knights Chapter 7 Motorcycle Ride on April 27th.

Sick & Distressed

Please remember each of these members and their families in your thoughts and prayers:

Matt Payne, Cobb PD battling cancer
Brother Rolla Green with continuing significant health issues
Brother Cecil Cahela battling cancer
Brother Gerald Peal battling cancer
Brother Kevin Shrodes wife, Kathy Shrodes, battling cancer.
Brother Henry Higgins battling health issues.